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WELCOME to our new website.  Over the next few months we will be adding additional content and functions that have been requested by our members.

Ours is a sailing club of sailing and boating enthusiasts. We do not own a clubhouse nor a marina, so our costs are quite reasonable. The boats in the club range from small day sailors and racers to 50 foot cruisers and multihulls. Yet it does not matter if you own a boat or not. Many of our members do not own boats and routinely serve as crew members on other people’s boats.

We meet once a month – normally the first Monday of the month at the Palm City Recreation Center If that happens to be a holiday, the meeting is cancelled and we normally have a social event early that month.  We also have formal races and cruises about eight times a year as well as beer can races 3 Saturdays each month.

If you need information about this website or the St Lucie Sailing Club please contact  Asta Poirier at 772-209-0283 or stluciesc@gmail.com.

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From the Commodore

June/July LogThe summer heat is here but we still have great wind for sailing.  The Beer Can racing is getting more active and the Cerulean Cup to Ft. Pierce was a fantastic success.  Some of us had a bit of a problem getting to the starting line on time but with Larry’s help the Saturday start went off as scheduled.  The original boat Cerulean that the race was named after participated with Charlie at the helm.  On the way North we caught a small tuna on SkeeterCat and had Seared Ahi tuna with super Wasabi at the dock.

 For our dinner at the 2nd Street Bistro, 46 people joined us.   Racing back to Stuart we had 5 boats at the starting line including a guest boat (hopefully new members) Tiffany and Rubin with their beautiful Beneteau.  They did finish first but Whisper, close behind, caught a huge Kingfish while racing.  We will have the Kingfish smoked for snacks at our next June 5th monthly meeting.

            In the international racing scene there is a lot of activity; The America’s Cup, Ostar & TwoStar, TransPac, Chicago to Mackinac Race, Port Huron to Mackinac, and the Rolex Fastnet Race.  Some of the most sophisticated and expensive race boats are involved in these races but to me, the most interesting thing is how they are changing the technology of sailing.

There was an interesting interview with Thomas Coville, who this year set the Around the World nonstop record at the unbelievable time of 49 days.  He said that the mainsail on Sodebo was made by North Sails and this is the third time he sailed the boat around the world with that mainsail, and the shape still looks almost as good as when it was new.  He used the autopilot 95% of the trip with no breakdown.  That is 28,000 miles one trip around!  This technology is coming down to us mortals and will make sailing safer and equipment more reliable. Ten years ago on Kermit  I had a Pentex 2 set of sails, which totally disintegrated in 3 years. 

            We are preparing for our trip to the Abacos for the Regatta, and for diving, fishing and fun times.  Join us for our monthly meeting on June 5th, with Diana Dean describing her time spent in the Sea of Abaco in a sailboat, with music and photography.

After the meeting we will have an Abacos planning meeting at Flannigan’s at 9:00 PM on the outside deck.

             Fair Winds! And let’s sail faster than the wind!   Commodore Thomas Mestrits

May 2017 Log - Our weather has been fantastic, and our racing fleet is doing great. We see more boats joining the beer can races, and the Race Committee is doing a great job. The enthusiasm is growing!

As summer is approaching, we lose a lot of our snowbirds to flights North. Usually, in the heat of the Summer here, things slow down. But we have plans to continue the enthusiasm in the Club with good monthly programs, activities on the water, and fun get-togethers.

A lot of people in the Club are working hard to organize a big activity in May: A cruise to Fort Pierce, combined with the Cerulean Cup Regatta to Fort Pierce and back, and a great social event there in between. Read all about it on the following pages. Don’t miss it! Join in wherever and whenever you can!

Speaking of fun get-togethers, on the 23rd we had our Commodore’s Brunch at Susan and David Brigida’s spectacular home. I have to thank them, and all of our members who helped out organizing, decorating, cooking, and making this event a success. Thank you all!

Do not forget about the cruise to the Abacos. It will be a fantastic trip, and if you have a boat that is able to do the crossing, join us!

For our May meeting, we will have a program on the Abacos Race Week. Don’t miss it! While I have been doing the show-and-tell part of the meeting recently, I don’t want to be the only one, and would love it if you were able to participate and share information.

For example, anyone thinking of going is also thinking about the cost of going. Is there cell service that doesn’t cost a fortune? Where can you buy fish to cook for dinner? Someone in our Club probably knows.

World sailing news is about to be made, with the America’s Cup elimination matches starting May 26th in Bermuda, and transatlantic races from Plymouth, Great Britain to Newport, RI, starting May 29th. Find the websites with your niece or your grandson and follow along together.

When you see them, give a big hello to new members Lawrence Holpp, and James & Eileen Abbott.  

Fair Winds! And let’s sail faster than the wind! 

Commodore Thomas Mestrits

April 2017 log- Some of our snow birds are starting their journeys North. Meanwhile, back in paradise, you can count on us to put more miles under our keels. It is still perfect cruising weather with warm water and cold beer… Or rum, if you would prefer. 

We had a full house for our last two monthly meetings and I want to encourage members to bring a friend as a guest to Monthly Meeting on April 3rd. We are working to make our programs entertaining and fun.

I like showing an exciting sailing video that brings us up-to-date with what is happening, including the latest technology in designs, sails, and rigging. It is important to keep up, as we can make better choices when we replace gear and equipment, or even our boats.

I’ve always felt that a boat should be practical, sporty, and able to fulfill multiple functions. If the boat is strictly one thing -- a racing boat with limited accommodations and a deep draft, or a boat that is an overloaded slow cruiser -- the owners will likely get bored after a few seasons and stop sailing. The ideal boat is probably mid-range in size with comfortable accommodations, a shallow draft, offshore capability and… Well, you know me: Fast. For safety, I prefer a boat that can be single-handed. One feature that should not be overlooked is good reliable power. (If you are cruising and there is no wind, too much wind, or a rough inlet, a propulsion system could save your life.)

People ask me what boats to consider when upgrading from one of the older cruising boats. There are numerous modern monohulls that check all of the boxes I’ve given. I’d consider boats like the Catalina 275 Sport, Beneteau First 30, Presto 30, Catalina 309, J/95, Delphia 33, Hunter e33, C&C 101, X-34, Beneteau 34, and the Sabre Spirit. In multihulls, the selection is not as broad and boats are pricier. Take a look at the Corsair F-27 or F-31, Maine Cat 30, or the Seawind 1000. And don’t forget it is not just you, it takes a happy crew to make a happy sailing trip.

Our club is online, thanks to Adrienne’s hard work, but the website is not done yet. We will continue to tweak and improve it. One new feature is the ability to spotlight members’ businesses. Take a look at this option for learning about and using the services of other members.

Coming up in April, why not race with us in the Spring Fling Regatta on April 22nd? (Mynders will help you find crew or be crew, then or any other Saturday, so no excuses.) And don’t miss the Commodore’s Lunch the next day, Sunday the 23rd. But first, join the happy crowd at S&M on the 13th, at Bonefish Grill.

Fair Winds! And let’s sail faster than the wind!

Commodore Thomas Mestrits


Latest news


SLSC Abaco Race Fleet

Final Update from Mike Brescher

Larry, “Whisper”, Pat and Jim checked in that they arrived back today after having a wonderful trip. “Whisper” took a second and third in two of the four Abaco Races.

Tom,”Skeeter”, Asta and Richard arrived back on Sunday.

Karen, Caroline and Tom Appis flew back

They all have great stories and pictures for use. Now we have to get them off Island Time and get those silly grins off their faces. 

Update from Mike Brescher

Larry,”Whisper” and crew came in 7th in the race #2 Hope Town to Guana Cay.

Yesterday was a lay-day so they all went fishing and diving. Last evening I spoke to Larry briefly and he said everyone is having a great time and they are heading to the free Layday party at  Guana Grabbers on Guana Cay.

Today is race #3 Guana to Treasure Cay.

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